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Nowadays, travelling is getting easier and a lot of people are starting to travel around the world with frequency. We live in a changing world so we need to be aware and travel as much as we can.

I definitely recommend a country which has incredible historical treasures,super weather,dramatic scenery and an amazing variety of things to do and see.Of course,I am describing Egypt.I had wanted to visit Egypt ever since my best friend had a holiday there and showed me all her amazing photos.Obviously the first thing that everyone thinks of about Egypt is Cairo and the Pyramids.It certainly is fantastic to see them in the desert.But while you are in Cairo don't forget to go to the Khan El Khalili bazaar where you can buy souvenirs for all your family and friends.After Cairo,for luxury and relaxation take a boat down the Nile to Luxor and Aswan.As well as visiting all historical sites,don't forget to try scuba scuba diving in the Red Sea.The fish and coral are incredible.

I wonder if, because of the current economic problems that face the entire world, if we may have passed the age of cheap and easy travel. I know that, personally, I have been unable to explore the world like I once did because of money constraints. I am happy that I took the opportunities that were presented to me a few years ago.

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Our world is so full of wonders that there are new and amazing places to be discovered every day. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions, historic monuments, extraordinary cultures, etc makes memories or certain places you visited linger forever in your very soul. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to visit few of the most fascinating places in Asia. My top two would be the Himalayas and the Forbidden City. 

The Himalayas are by far the most amazing place I have ever set foot on. The beautiful snow covered mountains calms you down in every sense. I think it should top your list of "places to visit before you die" !

I would believe that the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, took me centuries back in time. It was the imperial seat for Ming and Qing dynasty emperors from the early 1400's. It was a truly wonderful experience and i got to witness the rich history of this enormous palace.

Venice is a very different experience to the geographical locations mentioned above, but by contrast well worth encountering! The reality of Venice being a floating city makes it unique. This individuality coupled with the beauty and style of architecture and monuments makes it like a charismatic, sensual personality who beguiles you to meander its canals and pathways, discovering its age-old personality and magic. To visit Venice is to step out of time!

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They say the OS war has been waged for a decade or so now and that there are no clear victors. But I feel Android has quite clearly won it.

So, why is Android a better option over iOS? A large number of Android devices are available at various price points, with varying hardware capabilities, screen sizes and features.

Pricing: Android phones are a lot cheaper than iPhones. Take a look at any electronic store flyer, and you'll see that. You can get so many different types of Android phones for under three hundred dollars, while the cheapest iPhone available on the market is three hundred dollars being the iPhone 4 with 8 GB memory. Clearly Android is much more affordable.

Capabilities: Ever heard of S-beam or Android Beam? They are revolutionary. With just a single tap of a phone, you can send a whole movie within a few minutes. Also, it isn't only movies you can send by tapping phones, it is also anything else. For example, you can send pictures, contacts, apps, etc.

Abilities: Android has a lot more abilities. Want to download something off of the internet? No problem. However with an iPhone, nope, impossible. Want to be able to drag and drop files from your folders in your computer? No problem. With an iPhone: you need to use iTunes.

In conclusion, Android clearly tops iOS in everything. To conclude Andriod is a better option over iOS because it has so many more capabilities, abilities, pricing, etc. Having said this, it really depends on what you need and how much money are you willing to spend. Android is perfect for the techy people that love fiddling around with every aspect of their phone/tablet/whatever and it's operating system. iOS is fine for people who prefer things to just work, but is also much more expensive. Personally, I'd choose Android. The things you can do with it are basically infinite.

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"The casting is always spot on and the level of acting talent on the show is excellent. Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister is perfect to me, its impossible to picture the character as anybody else now."


Game of Thrones is a huge hit right now and many people don't realize that the books came out in 1996! They are still adding to the epic series and it's my favorite show on television. This is by far the best show by HBO till date.


I love the show so much that I had to make the decision not to read the books yet. I'm normally a book reader, but I usually find that reading the books first ruins the movie/show for me. I'm always sitting there like "That's not how it's supposed to happen...." So, in this case, I'm holding off so I can continue to enjoy the show.


The casting is always spot on and the level of acting talent on the show is excellent. Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister is perfect to me, its impossible to picture the character as anybody else now. In some ways the show has enhanced my experience of the books as well- Jack Gleeson is incredible and brings so much to the character of Joffrey. 


My favorite character is Peter Baelish. I like his cunning ways and how it seems like he always wins, even when no one else realizes it. But it's hard to pick just one! I really like Daenerys Targaryen. Her story has been so unusual and powerful. I mean, who didn't love that episode where she freed the slaves and set her dragons on all of the slavers? Then again, I really enjoy Arya Stark. Her story line seems like it's headed in such a dark direction, and I love that. Oh, but there's also Tyrion Lannister. He's actually, probably, my favorite. I've often joked with my boyfriend that I'm done with the show when he dies. How can you not love him? I feel like he's probably the smartest of them all. Well, now I'm just confused :D.  

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Other than that, I love Superpoints and Swagbucks, as I've earned quite a handful on Superpoints in a month, and some more $ in giftcards on Swagbucks. You can also redeem Swagbucks for Paypal cash, it just uses up more Bucks.


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